Wednesday, February 14, 2018

It's a New Year and Big Changes are Unfolding: February, 2018

New Moon Blessings!

Happy Lunar New Year -- the Year of the Earth Dog!

I love how every year offers us so many new beginnings, don't you? There's the ancient Celtic New Year, at Samhain (Oct. 31); the Western calendar New Year Jan. 1; and the ancient Pagan observances of Imbolc (sometimes called Candlemas) which mark the halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, traditionally celebrated on Feb. 1 or 2.Snowy Imbolc wreath

Then there is celestial Imbolc, which is the exact moment between Solstice and Equinox (this year, it was Feb. 3), as well as Lunar Imbolc occurring on the first New Moon after Imbolc. This year, that will be this coming New Moon of Feb. 15.

This year, Lunar Imbolc coincides with the Lunar New Year's celebrations of many Asian countries, also called Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival. This huge, international new beginning usually occurs on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice. After the 2017 year of the Fire Rooster, this year we will celebrate the year of the Earth element Dog. (Lots more about this in my Astrological Tidbits!).

Still needing another chance at a new start? The last big one will be March 20 this year, when the Sun enters the sign of Aries on the Vernal Equinox. That is the astrological New Year, and yet another opportunity to do away with our old, stagnant, outmoded stuff, and welcome fresh new directions.

Why am I banging on about all this? Because this year, the two main Imbolc observances -- the traditional calendar Imbolc of Feb. 1 or 2, and the Lunar Imbolc of the New Moon on Feb. 15 are especially powerful, since they are on either end of an "eclipse window."

With the Jan. 31 Full Moon eclipse, and then the Solar eclipse of Feb. 15, I have felt that this is a cosmic doorway for all of us to let go of what is no longer authentic to our purpose, and choose more affirming, fulfilling directions.

So that's exactly what I've been up to, and I am eager to tell you all about it today.

So read on, dear one, and I hope you will celebrate with me, and be a part of this new day.

Welcome To The Nest, New Subscribers!
NestHello and a big winged wave to the over 100 new readers (Wow!) that have joined us since the last full-sized WINGS last went out in November!

I hope you are as glad to see this pop into your inbox as I am to be here with you.

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News and Notes:
As you may imagine, my challenges of the last 18 months have forced me to reevaluate my time, my priorities, and what is juicy and true for me.

During the gateway between the eclipses, I have done much soul-searching about that, knowing that I have needed to make some choices.

While my health and energy slowly continue to improve, and I have great faith that I have been given the grace of a new chapter, I am also realizing that I have arrived at the ending of others.

I remain dedicated to being of service through my readings, but my availability will be rather limited, so that I can forge ahead with other dreams and callings that still remain unfinished.

Therefore, it is with very mixed feelings that after more than sixteen years of service, fun, and incredible blessings, I am retiring from offering my readings at Dancing Moon Books.

My thanks to their staff, past and present, the other readers there, and the huge community that I have been so honored to serve.

However --Readings available
I will be available about twice a month for readings here at our cottage in the woods of Durham, NC, or by phone.

I recognize this may be a disappointment for some of my faithful Raleigh friends. But please let me reassure you that I believe making a special trip here to Laurel Hill Cottage will be a healing, magical experience that goes well beyond the reading itself!

Alas, my appointments for February are already filled, but currently, there are still sessions available on March 13, and March 29. I'll add more soon.

You can always check my calendar on my website to stay up-to-date on openings. Or:
For in-person readings, visit here.
For a phone reading with me, click this link.

Classes and Workshops
I am even more committed, in this new year, to teaching. Be on the lookout for a re-launch of my beloved Tarot Boutiques -- intimate gatherings at my home to explore specific topics of the Tarot.

Also, I am thrilled to say that I have just learned my April introduction to the Tarot workshop at the prestigious Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at NC State is already at maximum capacity!  This is a terrific honor, and, given the popularity of the topic, I hope that I will be invited back again soon.

In the more immediate future, though, for serious readers and practitioners of ALL sorts who might want to go into business (or get better at it!), this is the workshop years in the making.

Newly updated and revamped, registrations are now open:

Going Pro
Although starting your own business is perilous in any occupation, being a metaphysical practitioner comes with its own unique set of challenges and rewards.

This workshop will benefit ALL esoteric modalities and services (however, my Tarot students are near and dear to my heart and especially welcome).

If this is your dream, let me help it come true! I will share my many years of experience, to help you avoid the hazards and build a thriving divination/reading/healing service.

If you are ready to show up with your talent, your passion, and your own special gifts as a professional, bring your questions, your enthusiasm, and let's get you going!

It will be a number of years before I offer this again, if ever, so don't miss out!

Click here

MagicMagic and More
Many of you have asked if I will resume offering my Birthday Club memberships. Alas, I fear that lovely gift is something that has run its course, at least for the foreseeable future.

But I am delighted to continue sharing my Soul Card Kits. They now include more details regarding the botanical Soul Card Kitsselections and crystal that are attuned to your card.

What's a Soul Card?
Based on your date of birth, you are aligned with one of nine Major Arcana Tarot cards. This card is your Soul Card.  It reflects a deep, unbreakable energetic signature that has been with you since birth. Familiarity with your Soul Card can illuminate much about your core self and the karmic work of this lifetime.

So what can you do with a Soul Card kit? I am glad you asked! Keep reading for one answer of many!

This month's Tarot Q&A:
Hey, Beth! I have been wondering if it's okay to let other people touch my Tarot cards? I have noticed that in your readings, you never seem to mind.

But what if they get weird energy on my cards? Or does it matter? Thanks!
  - G.B., Charlotte, NC

Great question, G.B.!
People have different preferences, of course, and lots of people don't care in the least. On the other hand, I have a number of both "public" decks, as well as some decks I prefer not to let anyone handle but myself. It may be because they are rare or fragile, or it might be that they are particularly intimate for my use only. But that's just me.

I do personally feel, however, that people and situations can leave energies that "stick" to a deck, sometimes even if they don't physically handle the cards. For instance, after a particularly emotional reading, I may feel like the deck that was used needs some clearing.

I also make it a practice to use magical cleansing techniques to awaken and welcome new decks that I buy or receive. To me, good psychic hygiene is an everyday practice, both for my cards, my other magical tools, and my own self.

So, this might include smudging with white sage or other sacred smoke (being VERY cautious not to singe the cards!), sound smudging (using a singing bowl or tuning fork, for example), placing a strong clearing stone or crystal on the deck, or even putting my decks in Sunlight or Moonlight (always indoors, however, since I would not want them to get damp or molested by wildlife).

Another suggestion is to use your Soul Card Kit! Since it comes in an semi-permeable organza bag, you can store your deck(s) with or nearby your kit, allowing the scent and energies of the botanicals to clear any stuck-on vibes as well as to harmonize with your own personal Soul Card Tarot signature.

Thanks for writing!

If YOU have a question for me about using the Tarot, drop me a note. I'll be glad to answer if I can!
Astrology Tidbits
February, 2018
This month, the astrology is relatively quiet -- compared to some of the challenges we've endured recently!

However, there's a powerful New Moon and eclipse (as I mentioned earlier) that shouldn't be overlooked.
Some of my favorite astrologers offer important insights.. (Click here to continue).

Other Big Changes Afoot: Will Pagan Pride Raleigh Continue?

It was with very mixed feelings that I received a not unexpected announcement this week from Johnson Davis and the faithful crew who have worked themselves to the bone year in and year out, to make Pagan Pride Raleigh (also known as Central NC Pagan Pride) a cherished success.

(To read more, including the full text of their message, click here).
SnowdropsAlthough Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere will certainly continue to hang on, this New Aquarius Moon and the increasing daylight hours are revealing awakenings well under way.

Whether it is Summer or Winter slipping away where you live, may you thrive through the changes ahead, and be blessed.

Thank you for your many kindnesses and enthusiastic support. You mean the world to me.
Beth Owl's Daughter